Yoel Kumbolu

Yoel Kumbolu aka Bjulin, that's me. I've been interested in computers and synthesizers since I was a kid. After I discovered rave music in the 1990s and because the music played a big role in my family anyway, I absolutely had to produce electronic music myself. While pretending to program -something- on my uncle's PC (monochrome screen, MsDos 5.0 and a few tiny megabytes on the hard disk), I was one of those typical kids who just couldn't get away from the computer. Fortunately, at some point I was then able to use what I had learned from my fascination to improve my upkeep. Today I work as "Bjulin" as a sound designer and make music for games. With my friend Henry De Jongh I started the project "Aeternum Games" to finally publish a complete game. Even though we managed to do that, the game was not successful. Sadly my friend has no time to contribute his magnificent programming skills anymore, as he has to concentrate on his main work. But that's just how things can end up...

But I still love casual puzzle games like Tetris, Dr. Mario, PuyoPuyo or Panel De Pon. So I just continue with making games like that hobbywise. After all, there were some people (including myself) who enjoyed playing my first game "Match Effect"... 😉

Some cool stuff, I worked on in the past:

OST and Jingles for “Fast rmx” by Shin’en
OST and Jingles for “The Touryst” by Shin’en
Bonustrack for “Raining Blobs” by Endi Milojkoski
Sound Designfor tone2, Softube and the fine guys over U-he
Game Design, Graphics, Music for Match Effect