Match Effect v1.7

/// May 2022

Released Match Effect with Publisher Big Fish

We’ve reached a new milestone with our new version of Match Effect. Publisher Big Fish was interested in our casual puzzle game. BUT, they wanted it on PC, not on Android. So we had to build our own online gaming service to make leaderboards and achievements possible, without the use of googles plaz services. Obviously, it’s a very simple held platform – but it works!

Match Effect v1.2

/// project 2021

New content and updates for Match Effect

We are currently working on a major update for Match Effect:
A new world called “The Grid”. Again with it’s own specific rules, new special blocks and 80’s synthwave style music. Sound Effects have been reworked Rebalanced the score system. The main menu has been cleaned up and modernized… and we’re not done yet!
With the update, we’re trying to find a publisher to release the game in a proper way.

Importer for Chisel

/// Release 22.06.2020

Valve Map Format 2006 Importer for Chisel Editor

This Unity package allows you to import VMF map files into Chisel as editable brushes. This means that once the import is complete, you can continue editing the level directly in the Unity Editor using tools similar to Hammer.

/// Release 22.06.2020

Minecraft Server Listing

Minecraft Server Listing for “Good Game”.
CMS based Website including custom plugins, an auction system, logo and web design.

Match Effect

/// Release 22.06.2020

Our first game released on android

A match 3 puzzle game with a twist – yes, it is unique and entirely different! And yet it remains addictive and fun!

You are in control of one piece, move it across the field and swap places with neighboring blocks. Your task is to move it across the board, within 6 moves in such a way, that match 3 typical color combinations are created.

With combos, items, special blocks and the powerful metamorphosis mode you have many different strategies to complete 10 levels per world and achieve new high scores.