Support / FAQ

Aeternet is an online gaming service similar to Google Play Games, Apple Game Services or Amazon GameCircle. Simply log in to the game with your Aeternet account and unlock achievements and compare your high scores with those of other players. Anyone interested in friendly competition?

We provide the Aeternet at no cost to our players!

You can either create an account directly in the game or on the website. To do this, simply click Register to create an account.

The Aeternet does not collect any data! We only store the username and email address you enter so that you can log in to the Aeternet. You can find more detailed information in our Privacy Policy.

If, for whatever reason, you wish to delete your account, please log in to Aeternet first. You will find the ” delete account ” button in your profile. Please note that we cannot restore your account after deleting it!

We use Gravatar for managing avatars. Gravatar is easy to use and it’ s also free, which is why we ask you to customize your profile picture through Gravatar. However, we would like to point out that we only display G-rated avatars.

No problem! Just click on “forgot password” in the signup form and enter the email address you used when you registered. You will then receive an email to change your password.

Since we do not collect any personal information, we unfortunately have no way to verify that this is indeed your account. We therefore ask you to create a new account. After all, it costs nothing to create a new account on Aeternet.

It’s easy! Just click on “Forgot password” when signing in and enter the email addresses that you think you may have used. Now check in which of your email accounts you received the “password reset” email and you will know which email address you used to register on Aeternet.

Click here to send us a message using a form. Or send an email to: